Financing Your Business

Financing Your BusinessWhile Central Business Brokers typically represents the Seller as its agent, we are experts at finding the most suitable business financing for a Buyer. Our clients most often wish for as much cash at closing as possible. Accordingly, Central Business Brokers staff members network regularly with representatives of national, regional and local business lenders to understand who is lending at the best rates, who has the best underwriting procedures, who is doing cash flow or asset based loans, and other important issues relative to getting the deal from signed agreement to a check at closing.

You can turn to us and our expert team to make the business financing process easy and work in your favor. This may be the largest single investment or sale of your life. At Central Business Brokers we have a plethora of resources and connections locally to ensure that our clients are taken care of and fully informed throughout the financing process. There are a variety of financing sources for business acquisition loans, and buyers can find one that fills their particular requirements.

When financing a business timing is critical. Having the proper contacts and connections to guaranty the best rates and loan structure quickly and efficiently is imperative to a successful financing package. We will work with you to professionally pre-qualify you before making any offers. We will build your portfolio to have your information on hand at all times for quick reference as well as identify weaknesses and areas for improvement in your financing options